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2010 May archive at Run For It!

Heat Wave

May 24th, 2010

Holy moly, it has been warm out in South East WI and the forecast looks like that is going to continue this week. We are looking forward to a lovely high of 90*F today. Fantastic! So, my running has been going well, but I’ve been just sweating like crazy out there. It’s disgusting .

On Saturday I had a lovely group run through the local wildlife area, which was lots of fun. I ended up doing 6.5 miles that day. On Sunday (yesterday), I had planned on doing a long run of 10 miles, but the heat just got to me absolutely and I didn’t have anything so I ended up cutting it down to 5 miles, which was a little bit disappointing. But I was just dieing and had to take serious walk breaks so I didn’t think it was worth it try to finish. It probably didn’t help that I wasn’t carrying anything to drink.

This morning I had a nice 3 miles run aside from the heat. I am going to have to start getting up much earlier to run in the summer I think. Although we are at a disadvantage here because the sun comes up around 5am. It’s weird to wake up at 5:20am and just have sun blaring in through the window. Hopefully tonight will be cooler when I do my second run of the day. Probably just a quick 2 miles – I kind of like the super short fast runs, they are over so quickly!


May 20th, 2010

I’ll admit it, I was really tempted to title this post ‘Double Trouble’. OH puns. (Is that a pun?)

I managed to get out running twice today despite a very very long day at work, so today was a victory. I ran 3 miles this morning in just under 27 minutes and another 2 miles tonight in 16:37. I felt awesome on tonight’s run, it is surprising how good evening runs feel! I’m actually really happy since I’ve run …. I left the screen for a couple minute and now I have no idea what I was going on about with that sentence. But yeah, I had a great run tonight. Oh and I’ve run 6 times in the last 4 days, which is pretty sweet. YEAH.

Tomorrow (Friday) should be a few easy miles, say 4 or 5, Saturday will be a group run – maybe 5 or 6 speedy miles, and Sunday I’m going to do a 10 mile long run. Accountability, it’s important.

Still pondering

May 19th, 2010

Hmm, definitely having a hard time today coming up with a topic to blog about.  So, this is just going to be some random thoughts and miscellaneous ponderings.

I got in an easy 4 miles this morning in the Wildlife Area/Swamps/Public hunting area near by. I took it slow and took a couple walk breaks, so I absolutely was not out to break any speed records today. But it was a nice day to be outside – maybe a bit warm! I don’t do well in the heat, I wilt like the delicate flower that I am… right.

Last night I had planned to meet up with a local running Tuesday night running group, but I got there ridiculously early and I was feeling shy, so I decided to just get in 4 miles by myself. Again, it was a bit warm and sunny and the out and back trail was super boring, but I did pretty well. Especially considering that this was a sans Ipod run, which is not my norm. I used to never run with music, but it is absolutely a crutch now. Come to think of it, I used to never run with garmin until a couple years ago (I started running before they were invented! That makes me feel old.) No garmin, no music, no Road ID, just a plain old timex and a pair of running shoes. Okay, I wore running clothes too.

I want this to be a really good summer of training, lots of running – I’m starting running doubles this week, even though I’m still doing super low mileage, just so my body gets used to training that often and I think running doubles helps get me in shape faster, as well as brings the body fat down quicker for whatever reason. Holy shit that was a run-on sentence with like 8 commas. You wouldn’t know it, but I was in fact an English major in college. Anyway, this summer I’m gonna get super buff and get ready for a fall marathon – FOR REAL THIS TIME I SWEAR. Sorry, I had to break out the caps lock for emphasis. I am thinking about running the Philly marathon, or possibly Cape Cod. The Milwaukee Lakefront marathon already closed, so that is out. I would love to run a marathon with my friend Ash from home, but we’ll see about that.

All right that was enough rambling, see you this time tomorrow! (and by you, I mean no one, because no one reads this blog!)

Dear Blog

May 18th, 2010

I haven’t forgotten you, I promise! I just went through a bit of a running slump post-Trailbreaker. Even though I had an amazing race, I had post-PR-sucky run syndrome that left me not particularly motivated to run or post about running. I didn’t end up running the Wisconsin Marathon – I switched and run the Half Marathon instead. It wasn’t an easy decision, but my training just wasn’t where it needed to be, so ultimately I’m glad that is what I decided to do. And, boy it was a tough day! Between the warmer temps/sun and my general lack of caring about running, I ran very poorly (1:58 and change), but I got my race shirt and my mettle, so it’s cool.

I don’t know how some of you bloggers do it with the consistent posting, I have had the worst time trying to get in a rhythm with blogging. Closing the WordPress tab on my firefox window, was probably the kiss of death. Okay, my goal for this week is to run every day and blog everyday – even if it’s stupid.

    Just another 20-something crazy lady runner here. Freezing my butt off in Wisconsin, while I try to get faster and do my best out there.
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