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February 28th, 2010

I keep dreading the idea of posting, I feel boring! I don’t have anything to say, I don’t have cool pictures to post. well, I feel bad for abandoning the blog, especially with all 3 of my spam comments! I can’t abandon the spammers now when I’m just starting to be noticed by them.

Well, whatever. Today I ran 14 miles for a grand total of 37 miles this week. My training plan had 16 miles scheduled, but I pushed myself way too hard and too fast yesterday on my group run and my legs were toast today. Combined with an insufficient pre-long run breakfast, I was hungry, exhausted and decided to pack it in after 14 not very fast miles (2h 18m or 9:51/mile). I ran a new 9 mile loop that I haven’t tried before, and for the most part, it was nice. A wooded and windy road with hardly a car in sight, it reminded me of running in Delaware.

Long runs are tough mentally for me, I struggle to just let go and get in that running zone. Instead of just zoning out and letting the miles tick away, I struggle. I think too much. I take gu breaks. water breaks. walk breaks. I keep breaking things up instead of just running. I think that finding a running partner for my long runs would make a big difference for me since my long runs are such mental games anyway, so who knows what I’ll come up with.

Other than Saturday group runs, I run alone. I need to change that.

9 weeks left to marathon Saturday, planning on 40+ miles next week.

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    Just another 20-something crazy lady runner here. Freezing my butt off in Wisconsin, while I try to get faster and do my best out there.
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