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Still pondering at Run For It!

Still pondering

May 19th, 2010

Hmm, definitely having a hard time today coming up with a topic to blog about.  So, this is just going to be some random thoughts and miscellaneous ponderings.

I got in an easy 4 miles this morning in the Wildlife Area/Swamps/Public hunting area near by. I took it slow and took a couple walk breaks, so I absolutely was not out to break any speed records today. But it was a nice day to be outside – maybe a bit warm! I don’t do well in the heat, I wilt like the delicate flower that I am… right.

Last night I had planned to meet up with a local running Tuesday night running group, but I got there ridiculously early and I was feeling shy, so I decided to just get in 4 miles by myself. Again, it was a bit warm and sunny and the out and back trail was super boring, but I did pretty well. Especially considering that this was a sans Ipod run, which is not my norm. I used to never run with music, but it is absolutely a crutch now. Come to think of it, I used to never run with garmin until a couple years ago (I started running before they were invented! That makes me feel old.) No garmin, no music, no Road ID, just a plain old timex and a pair of running shoes. Okay, I wore running clothes too.

I want this to be a really good summer of training, lots of running – I’m starting running doubles this week, even though I’m still doing super low mileage, just so my body gets used to training that often and I think running doubles helps get me in shape faster, as well as brings the body fat down quicker for whatever reason. Holy shit that was a run-on sentence with like 8 commas. You wouldn’t know it, but I was in fact an English major in college. Anyway, this summer I’m gonna get super buff and get ready for a fall marathon – FOR REAL THIS TIME I SWEAR. Sorry, I had to break out the caps lock for emphasis. I am thinking about running the Philly marathon, or possibly Cape Cod. The Milwaukee Lakefront marathon already closed, so that is out. I would love to run a marathon with my friend Ash from home, but we’ll see about that.

All right that was enough rambling, see you this time tomorrow! (and by you, I mean no one, because no one reads this blog!)

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    Just another 20-something crazy lady runner here. Freezing my butt off in Wisconsin, while I try to get faster and do my best out there.
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